Financial independence, conscious living or a smaller ecological footprint

There are many different reasons to live in a small home. Mobile homes on wheels are the latest innovation in the modular construction industry, reinterpreting the concept of functionality and making optimal use of small living space

Move house

The things you appreciate the most in life are freedom and independence? Move House can help you with that. We design and make functional, cosy mobile homes to let you work from anywhere in the world without compromising on the privacy and convenience of having your own home.

Benefits of living in a small mobile home

1Freedom and flexibility


3Environmental issues


5Aesthetic consideration

Reasons to build a tiny house:

A tiny house is a fully functional, energy-efficient small home.

Flexible design

Move House is a system of readymade products of various sizes that can be easily connected together thanks to the frame design.

Flexible construction

Move House is a system of prefabricated products of different sizes that can be easily connected to each other thanks to skeleton technology.

High quality

We use only high-quality materials to ensure the durability of your home for years to come.

High quality

We use only high-quality materials that guarantee the durability of the house for years to come.

Easy installation

The construction takes days or weeks instead of months or years as with conventional construction methods.

Easy installation

Construction in days or weeks, rather than months or years, as with traditional construction methods.


An office space, a family home at the seaside or in the mountains or something else? Thanks to our experience, we can satisfy just about any need.


An office space, a family cottage by the sea or mountains, or something else? Our experience allows us to meet almost all wishes.


The modular homes of Move House are mobile – they can be freely moved from one place to another.


Move House modular homes are mobile - they can be moved freely from place to place.


Move House homes are a quick and inexpensive way of having your home without having to pay for the construction of a conventional house.


Move House homes allow you to live in your own four walls quickly and inexpensively, without the extra costs associated with building a traditional house.

Lead time

Our modular homes arrive at your place after just a few weeks from the time you place your order.

Lead time

Our modular homes arrive on site in about a few weeks after placing an order.

Living comfort

All-year Move House homes will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Comfort of life

Move House year-round houses will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

No need to purchase a plot

The prefabricated components can be used to create popular small homes without the need to obtain a permit.

No purchase of land

Prefabricated technology allows the creation of popular small houses without the need for a permit.

Essentials only

We make everything easy for you, eliminating the need for unnecessary documentation and, most importantly, saving your time.

Only the most important

Especially for you, we simplify as much as possible, no unnecessary documentation and, above all, saving time.

Our modular designs

Our designs include more than just homes on wheels. Move House also offers modular elements often used as saunas, gyms, offices or any other space. Our designs are made based on the suggestions of our customers as well as our proprietary designs of modular homes and their furnishings and finishes.

A mobile home from Move House

At Move House, our main priorities are functionality, convenience and energy efficiency – these are the main inspirations for our smart tiny house design. What are the main features of our trailer homes? Find out more about our mobile home.

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