What is a tiny house? An all-year mobile home

A tiny house is a mobile house on a trailer whose most distinctive feature is its small size – it usually does not exceed 50 sq.m. The camping house is supported on a typical trailer carriage to enable you to attach it to a car and drive on public roads. Apart from the carriage and the wheels of our tiny homes, however, houses on trailers are the same as conventional houses in functional terms. They have heating, electricity and connections to connect them to the mains water system, etc. In practice, a move house is an all-year home on wheels that meets all the living standards and is the perfect solution for people who value the freedom to move and independence more than owning a large space.

What are the costs of tiny houses? Construction of a mobile home

As mentioned before, the mini house is supported on a trailer carriage. The mobile home itself, however, consists of modules with standard sizes, which means that they can be freely connected together and expanded where necessary (although this has to be done according to the Polish building code).

Thanks to the modular design of our trailer houses and the availability of readymade components, the construction of a tiny house can be completed quickly, within a few weeks, and the houses can be fully adapted to the needs of their future residents. Camping house prices, in turn, usually start at about PLN 120 thousand.

Medium mobile home designs

Want to order a custom home on a trailer carriage? Contact us to prepare a design – we can furnish you with a single-storey bungalow or a block with a habitable attic, always making sure that the home we build is energy-efficient. Also, we can not only make the structure itself complete with the support but also fit out your trailer home so that all you have to do is furnish it – check out the designs of Medium mobile homes. Our offering also includes Tiny House MH.01 – a mobile home you can fit out yourself;

Benefits of tiny houses. When to choose a trailer home?

One of the greatest benefits of smart tiny houses is their mobility. All you need to do is attach the home to your car, and then you can drive to the other side of Poland or even abroad. This presents you with limitless opportunities, the kind of freedom desired by an increasing number of people. By choosing an all-year mobile home, you will not be tied down to a single town, where you have an apartment and, most likely… a mortgage.

Another benefit is the time you have to wait to get your moving house. With conventional buildings, the actual waiting time is about a year, and only if you have a reliable building crew. The time from the acceptance of the tiny house design to the transport of your home, however, is usually just a few weeks. There is no denying that the price is a very strong point of the tiny house. Although the final cost depends on many factors, such as the size of the house, number of service connections and fit-out, you can be certain that the micro house is a much less expensive investment, oscillating at around PLN 150–200 thousand.