If you are interested in our mobile homes, we present you the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Is this house warm?
Yes, a mobile home (Tiny House) compared to, for example, a caravan is warmer. It heats up very quickly thanks to a construction similar to a frame house. In addition, our mobile homes are insulated with mineral wool. Which gives not only insulation against the cold, but also protection against excessive heating in the hot days of summer.
Can I configure the house any way I want?
Yes, at the moment we have 3 models to choose from and 3 sizes. In our configurator you can freely design your dream house. You choose the model, then the size, then the equipment depending on your needs and the possibilities that the plot gives you in terms of connecting utilities. You will know the approximate price already at this stage. It is also possible to order a house according to an individual project. In this case, we encourage you to contact us by phone.
Do you make custom homes?
Yes, it is also possible to order a mobile home according to a customized design. This is a solution, for more demanding individuals or families. If our standard mobile home designs are not enough for you, contact us, we will adjust the design to what you need. We encourage you to contact us by phone.
Is it possible to get the house credited?
Yes, for a mobile home you can take a cash loan, a mortgage against another property or a lease. Depending on whether you are an individual or a company, we have convenient installment options. If you have any questions, we work with consultants who will be happy to help you through the entire process.
How much does such a mobile home weigh?
The mobile home weighs up to 3.5 tons. This is the weight that allows the Tiny House to be transported on public roads in accordance with the law. The mobile home up to a weight of 3.5 tons is treated as a trailer.
What dimentions does it have?
At Move House, we have 3 different models of mobile homes and 3 different sizes. The dimensions of our mobile homes usually range from 6 to 8 meters in length, 2.55 meters in width and a maximum of 3.95 meters in height. To choose a mobile home accordingly, consider how many people will live in it and whether you will transport it often. The smaller size of the Tiny House means that it is easier to transport. To find out the exact dimensions of our mobile homes go to the offer: http://move-house-newest-1608.lo/pl/oferta.
What is the usable area?
The area of mobile homes designed and manufactured by us depends on the selected model, from a dozen to max. 30 m². When choosing a mobile home, its area consider how many people will live in it. For two people, sufficient space in a mobile home is a minimum of 18 square meters. For larger families, or simply a larger number of mobile home residents, we recommend choosing a larger mobile home. The exact dimensions of our mobile homes are given in the offer: https://move house.eu/en/offer/.
What permits are needed for transit?
A category B driver's license and a category E trailer license are sufficient to drive. If the weight of the mobile home does not exceed 3.5 tons, and the maximum dimensions of the mobile home are 2.55 meters wide, 4 meters high (calculated from the ground) and about 7 meters high. If you decide to go for a larger house on wheels you need to consider other transportation options, such as oversize transport.
What kind of car do I need to pull a house?
Any car that has a permit up to 3.5 tons on the hook.
Is any additional permission needed for this?
No, no additional permits are required. The car can travel on the road because it meets the size and weight requirements.
What does the issue of connections look like?
We have different solutions to incorporate utilities. Depending on the type of plot you have. We can prepare a house that will have the utilities out, only to be connected or completely independent.
How much does a house on wheels cost?
Prices for the basic version of the mobile home start at 130000 zlotys. The price depends on the size of the tiny house and the equipment you choose when decorating your mobile home. We encourage you to check the approximate price in the configurator and contact the sales department.
Where can I park it?
Tiny house can be parked in places designated for this purpose, parking the trailer is done under exactly the same conditions as parking a passenger car. These rules must be adhered to when stopping and parking a mobile home on a trailer.
What is the warranty?
We provide a 24-month warranty on each of the construction elements and equipment.
Where can you drive up to see it?
Our mobile homes stand in various locations, there you can see them, go inside, check out the equipment and interior design of Tiny House. To arrange a viewing of a mobile home from Move House, we encourage you to call us.


At Move House, we focus on functionality, comfort and energy efficiency, which is why we offer a smart tiny house project. What characterizes our trailer houses? Find out more about our mobile home.