About Us

The dynamically changing environment inspired us to create houses that are a response to the current needs of customers.  

Move House Sp. z o. o. is a company specializing in modern construction of modular houses and mobile homes. We are part of the Green Homes Gruppe.

Based on many years of experience of our specialists, we offer a wide range of possibilities in innovative modular construction. We deal with both their design and construction. We have full control over the materials used, so we can be sure of the quality and durability of our structures.

Our mission is to create optimal homes, which is why we base our cooperation with clients on reliability, credibility and flexibility.

They are members of the board of directors

Chairman of the Board Dominika Mazurek
Member of the Board Marcin Szczech
Member of the Board Krystian Leluszko


We work in a hall with a total area of 3,000m2 and use every meter to be able to create more and more with full care.

Our specialized staff makes every effort to fully meet the expectations of our customers. Experts accompany investors from the moment the idea for a house is created to the end of the project.

High quality

We use only high-quality materials that guarantee the durability of the house for years

Innovative design

Move House is a system of ready-made products of various sizes that can be easily combined with each other thanks to the skeleton technology


Office space, a family house by the sea or in the mountains, or maybe something else? Our experience allows us to fulfill almost all wishes.


Move House modular houses are mobile - they can be freely moved from place to place


Move House houses allow you to live in your own four walls quickly and cheaply, without the additional costs associated with building a traditional house

Lead time

Our modular houses arrive on site just a few weeks after placing the order

Comfort of life

Move House all-year-round houses will meet the requirements of the most demanding customers