Stages of cooperation

Do you want to order a mobile home that will fit your needs? Apply to Move House – our goal is to make your dreams come true, so we take an individual approach to each customer.

Starting from the design stage and ending with the way you receive the finished Tiny house, we tailor each order to your expectations. In doing so, we have specific standards of cooperation, so you can be sure that the quality of our services is at the highest level.

What we start with is specifying your needs and requirements. We present ready-made designs of mobile homes, and if they are not what you are looking for, we can make a new design especially for you. Then we determine the type and number of connections, present you with the finishing method of the mobile home – you can choose a closed incompleted , developer or turnkey condition. In the case of the last option, we will also ask you to indicate the elements of equipment that we are to prepare.

When all the issues related to the project are settled, we can give you a final quote and based on it determine the amount of the down payment. Once it is paid, we proceed with the order as soon as possible, and on the indicated date there will be a reception of your dreamed trailer house, which will guarantee you freedom and high comfort.


Project selection

Stage Description:Choose a project from the ready-made proposals in our offer or a customized project. You can choose from five ready-made designs that are adapted to a specific lifestyle. We have prepared proposals for mobile homes for those who like to travel, value space or prefer modern solutions. And if none of them suits your needs, we can create a design from scratch especially for you. Tiny house for individual order takes into account specific solutions, strictly defined metric area. If you choose this option, you will need to make an appointment for additional consultation.



Determining the possibility of connecting utilities and demand in the house. A mobile home on wheels should meet all basic housing needs, so, as in traditional construction, it has the appropriate connections, utilities. And you determine what installations are to be made. It is possible to install central heating, make a water connection, sewer connection. The mobile home also has an electrical system. You just need to tell us what you expect, and our specialists will include it in the project. Are you afraid that you have forgotten something? Based on our experience, we can suggest the most popular solutions.


Selection of house condition

Each mobile home project is offered in three standards for finishing. When you choose a tiny house in the unfinished state, you get a complete structure, having, among other things, doors and windows. However, the mobile home must be finished by yourself. Move house in developer condition only needs to be furnished, its finishing and installation will be taken care of by us. Don't have time? Choose a turnkey mobile home that is ready to move in - we will take care of furnishing it according to your requirements.



This stage will apply to those who have opted for a turnkey mobile home. In addition to the design of the tiny house itself, we will prepare a design for the interior furnishings, which will be tailored to your needs. You will be able to choose the individual furnishings. We will also ask you to tell us your preferences in terms of the functionality of the trailer house, as well as the style in interior design that you like best. This not only saves you time, but you can also be sure that the space will be designed in a comfortable and practical way.


Order and advance payment

After completing the stages of selecting the design and determining the number and types of connections, we can provide you with a final quote for the mobile home, which is determined individually in each case. On this basis, we will also prepare a tiny house specification, taking into account all your requirements and being the basis for placing an order. Before starting the work, you will need to pay a down payment of X% of the final amount. At this stage you will also find out the estimated completion time.



The mobile home is built using frame technology, so the waiting time for the finished structure usually takes no more than a few weeks from the start of work. We use ready-made, durable modules of various dimensions, which we tailor to the individual project. At the same time, we make sure that both the materials and workmanship are of high quality. If you choose turnkey status, the completion time will be extended by the need to fully furnish the interior.


Order collection

The final stage of our cooperation is collecting the finished order, checking if it agrees with the specifications created during the project order. If you have an adapted car, the mobile home can be picked up in person. However, to save you time, we also offer a second solution - transportation of the tiny house to the location you specify.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact our specialists, they will answer all your questions.