Tiny house – what is it? What is a mobile home on wheels?

Even though you travel often, do you dream of having your own space where you can relax? Or maybe you are overwhelmed by the cost of buying/building a house and are looking for cheaper alternatives without giving up your dreams? The answer to your problems may be a smart tiny house. Find out what a mobile home is and how it can change your life.

Tiny house – year-round mobile home

Tiny house Tiny house is a fully self-contained year-round caravan house.It is distinguished by its small size (usually up to about 35-37 sqm), as well as its mobility . It is designed on a car trailer, which, combined with the fact that it is equipped with wheels, makes it possible to transport it to the other end of the country or even abroad – the moving house travels with you.

What does it mean for a micro house to be fully self-build? The tiny houses have a multifunctional space , there is a bathroom, living room with a kitchenette,as well as a bedroom. Depending on the individual design, trailer homes can have a separate workspace, study, or even a gym. The mobile home allows you to connect electricity, water, and also provides heating, so you can live in it all year round.

Interestingly, tiny homes is not only a way to describe a mobile home, but also the lifestyle that comes with it.

szary dom na kółkach

For whom are tiny homes?

Tiny houses are a way to travel freely, freedom. Who is most likely to opt for a year-round house on wheels?

First of all, people who travel frequently and do not want to do so at the expense of convenience, as well as those who live a nomadic lifestyle and are not tied to one place. And now, thanks to the possibility of working remotely, more and more people are taking advantage of such an opportunity.

A year-round mobile home is also a big money saver. Micro house is much cheaper than building a single-family house or buying an apartment in a big city. A home on wheels is often the only way to have your own space without taking out a loan for decades.

Mobility, independence or low cost are not the only reasons why people choose a mini house. The motivation to buy a moving house can also be minimalism and a move away from consumerism, as well as care for the environment (less space means less energy, water and gas consumption). There are also practical aspects – a smaller house means less cleaning, which means more time, the ability to live close to work, etc.

Making, mobile home designs. Tiny house – price

Are you interested in buying a move house? Then it’s time for some practical information. Due to their size, caravan homes in most cases do not require planning permission, nor do you need to buy your own plot of land.

You can opt for a ready-made year-round mobile home, although a much more popular solution is to make one according to an individual design, tailored to your needs, and this is what we do at Move House. Tiny house is built from ready-made modules, prefabricated, which, on the one hand, allows full flexibility during the design, and on the other, speeds up the time of implementation.

From the approval of the project to the delivery of the moving house to the designated location usually takes only a few weeks. On the other hand, the price of a tiny house depends on the square footage, standard of finish. If you are interested in the cost, please write to us and we will make a valuation for you.