Tiny house – the way to minimalism and frugality

If you had the choice to live and work anywhere on earth, and without spending your entire paycheck on hotels and travel, would you take it? Probably yes, and although it sounds like a distant dream, you can make it come true. How? By living in your own micro house. Check out what a year-round house on wheels is and how it allows you to live in harmony with yourself.

Tiny house – home or lifestyle?

Smart tiny house is a small-sized house on a car trailer. It features a small meterage, as well as mobility – just attach the move house to a suitable passenger car (we won’t lie, a small hatchback won’t work, but an off-road car will) and let’s go.

How is it possible? The base for the construction of a mini house is a trailer or semi-trailer chassis. The house on wheels has the approval and lighting required by law, so it can travel on public roads. That is, in practice, it is a house/apartment that travels with you.

Moving house first began to be talked about in the United States, although the idea quickly became popular around the world. Today it means not only a building, but also a lifestyle that is associated with minimalism, frugality and ecology. And you’re about to find out.

mobilny dom na kółkach

Tiny homes and savings

The price of a tiny house is much lower than that of an apartment or house. Basic constructions can cost as little as 100 thousand zlotys, moreover, maintenance costs are lower than for traditional construction.

Both people and companies that began to promote the mobile home movement, emphasized the fact that you can free yourself from mortgages, the taking of which often leads to the fact that most conversations, thoughts revolve around daily expenses.

Tiny house – a project focused on minimalism

Minimalism is written into the idea of a tiny house on a trailer, the reason for which is quite pragmatic – you have a severely limited space, and cluttering it will result in an inability to move freely around your own four corners. When deciding on tiny houses, you need to think carefully about what you need and what you can give up. This usually also makes you realize how many unnecessary things you surround yourself with.

By the way, minimalism is connected to … further savings. Because you’re not buying more and more new things, you’re not spending money on something you’ll probably never use anyway.

Smart tiny houses and ecology

The mobile home is an ideal example of smart construction, which is geared toward energy efficiency. The mobile home uses less electricity, gas and water, so it is a solution for people who want to live greener on a daily basis.
And, to finally convince you that a tiny house is first and foremost a defined, consistent lifestyle, we’ll conclude with a final correlation. Less stuff means more savings and… less trash, which is good for the environment.