Tiny House on the public road – what you need to know when transporting a peg house

Want to travel without giving up your own four corners? This is possible if you opt for a tiny house, which is a mobile home built on the basis of a car trailer. Find out how it is transported and what authorizations you need to have.

Transportation of a tiny house

Tiny houses are undersized mobile homes, which usually have a maximum of 20-25 sqm. Their greatest advantage is that they allow you to travel freely around the country and abroad, so you can live and work from anywhere on earth, and in whatever conditions are best for you.

What does it take to transport a move house on a public road? It depends on what dimensions the mobile home is. One of two options is possible:

    • transporting tiny house as a car trailer;
    • oversized transportation.

And we will discuss both situations.

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Independent transport of mobile home

In order to independently transport a tiny house on a public road, the house must meet certain conditions:

  • the weight of the move house must not exceed 3.5 t;
  • the maximum dimensions of the mobile house are 2.55 m wide, 4 m high (counted from the ground) and about 7 m high;
  • the chassis of the tiny house must be approved;
  • the mobile house should be equipped with compliant lighting.

If the move house meets the above parameters, you can independently transport it on a public road, as long as you have a B+E driver’s license, that is, in practice:

  • A driver’s license that allows driving a passenger car (cat. B);
  • An additional license allowing to pull a trailer up to 3.5 t (cat. E).


In addition, the car that pulls the mobile home must be suitable for this – an ordinary hatchback would not be able to carry such a weight, in practice, off-road cars, pick-ups are most often suitable.

What else is important? Contrary to what you might think, a tiny house won’t go everywhere; the same traffic regulations apply to it as to any other vehicle. Therefore, you can forget, for example, about spending the night in a scenic nature reserve. In addition, due to the weight of the trailer, it is a good idea to check in advance the ground on which you want to stand – whether it is adequately paved, safe, no risk of caving in.

Oversized transportation for tiny house

If a tiny house exceeds the allowable weight or the dimensions indicated above, it is treated as oversize, and this means that you will not be able to drive it on public roads on your own.

In such cases, it is necessary to hire a transportation company that deals with oversized transport. This is a solution for people who want a larger mobile home and at the same time know that they will want to settle in a particular place for a long time. And is it worthwhile to travel with a tiny house that exceeds the parameters of a car trailer? Not necessarily, since the cost of transportation is often billed per kilometer traveled, and you also have to make an appointment for a specific date, which is a significant limitation.