How to decorate a tiny house?

The decision is made – you buy a tiny house, that is, your own mobile home. The project is approved, the order in progress, the only thing missing is… an idea for functional and cozy interior design. But we have several ways to do it – check out the hints on how to furnish a tiny house.

Functionality and minimalism on 30 m²

Move house, tiny house, or mobile home – in recent years this is an increasingly popular solution, which has become not only a way of having your own four corners, but above all a lifestyle.

What distinguishes a tiny house is its small size , most often not exceeding 30-35 sqm, although in practice we are usually talking about 20-25 sqm. This may scare you at first, but think that this is how much studios in larger cities most often have.

A mobile home can resemble a standard apartment in layout – having a comfortably equipped bathroom, a living room with a kitchenette, and even a small bedroom or study for work.

What is most important is a minimalist approach to furniture, appliances, as well as interior accessories. In such a small space, the whole thing must be well thought out, meet all housing needs. How to achieve this? We have prepared some tips for you.

How to decorate a tiny house?

When you have a maximum of 20 sqm at your disposal, you will need to make clever use of the space, as well as think calmly about exactly what you need.

The standard for such interiors is a living room with a kitchenette, while, at the same time, the kitchen can have all the amenities, such as a refrigerator, oven, sink, although you will probably have to choose equipment with smaller than standard dimensions. However, this should not be a limitation if the move house is inhabited by one, maximum two people. However, you will probably have to forget the dishwasher in favor of storage cabinets.

In the living room, bet on an undersized sofa or two comfortable chairs/armchairs that don’t take up much space, a dining table, and a dresser/storage cabinet. A bedroom with a bed is best arranged on a mezzanine floor, then you will make full use of the available space. In addition, under the stairs to the mezzanine floor, you can order a customized development, which will include a cabinet for a washing machine and shelves for clothes.

The bathroom should be limited to the basics: a shower, a sink with a cabinet, and a toilet.

On the other hand, in order to make the whole thing optically larger, to make the interior of the mobile home look more spacious, you should opt for bright colors and mirrors as decoration.

Turn-key mobile home from Move House

The design of such a small interior overwhelms you? Don’t worry, you can order a tiny house in a turn-key, ready-to-live-in state. What does this mean? We will take care not only of making the mobile home, but also of finishing and furnishing it according to your needs. This will give you the assurance that the whole thing will be functional and ergonomic. If you want to learn more, contact us.