Are you planning to buy a mobile home, a tiny house? Learn about the regulations you should know

In the era of remote work, tiny house is a solution that is gaining popularity. A house on wheels provides freedom, the freedom to travel without sacrificing comfort. And last but not least, a mobile home is a relatively inexpensive way to have your own space. Only you need to realize that even this type of construction requires compliance with the relevant regulations. Which ones? We have some tips.

Tiny house – regulations. Does a mobile home require being declared?

At first, we quickly remind you what a tiny house is. It is an undersized mobile home that is built on the basis of a car trailer, which allows it to move on the road. Although it has all the necessary connections, installations, it is not permanently connected to the ground. And the latter sometimes gives rise to misunderstandings, because, despite the fact that a mobile home on wheels is not permanently connected to the ground, it is subject to the construction law.

According to the law, caravans, and now also tiny houses, which for the moment are not used for transportation/communication, constitute a building structure. Then, depending on their square footage, slightly different regulations will apply.

If the usable area of the mobile home does not exceed 35 sqm, it is not necessary to apply for a construction permit – this applies to all properties/buildings in Poland. However, it will require a notification to the office as an individual recreation building. If no objection is expressed within 21 days of the notification, the tiny house can be erected. A mobile home can also be declared as a temporary construction object, but then, after 180 days, it must be moved to another location.

For mobile homes with a floor area of more than 35 sqm, the standard procedure for obtaining a building permit must be followed. In practice, however, tiny houses most often have 20-30 sqm, so this should not be a problem.

tiny house, mobilny domek

On what kind of plot of land can a mobile home be placed?

The plot of land on which the mobile home will be erected must meet certain conditions. Attention should be paid to whether it is adequately paved, for which purpose it may need to be compacted. For obvious reasons, the area where you want to live in a tiny house must have access to a public road, which, like the plot itself, should be paved. Practical considerations are decisive here – the structure itself weighs 10 to 12 tons, if the ground is unstable, passage will not be possible. You also need to consider the optimal width of the road.

Mobile home – traffic regulations

One of the biggest advantages of a tiny house is the ability to travel. That’s why you need to keep in mind that it is subject to traffic laws while it is being transported. If the trailer has a weight of no more than 3.5 tons and is pulled by a car with a GVW of up to 3.5 tons, you will only need a B+E category driver’s license. For heavier constructions, you should apply for a higher category driver’s license or use the services of transport companies.