Advantages of Tiny House, mobile homes on wheels

Thinking more and more seriously about buying a year-round mobile home, but still have doubts? Here are 5 advantages of a micro house that should help you make your final decision.

1. Mobility of a Tiny House

Tiny houses are not just buildings, they are a specific way of life that gives freedom and freedom of travel. A house on a car trailer, as long as it meets the conditions for travel on public roads in terms of size and weight, can be transported throughout the country and abroad. A mobile home allows unlimited travel, which is increasingly being used by both, young people working remotely and adventurous retired seniors, for whom exploring new places is as important as comfort.

2. Construction formalities, putting up a Tiny Home

If you have ever considered building a house, you probably know how many formalities it involves. It is necessary to obtain special permits, keep records, a construction log. In the case of a mini house, there are much less formalities, and the conditions to be met are described in the article, in which we answer the question of whether you need a permit to build a mobile home.

It is also important to note that due to the fact that the moving house is constructed on a car trailer and by design is intended for travel, it does not permanently connect to the ground. And this means that the house on wheels can be placed on almost any terrain.

3. Construction time of a Tiny House

When building a traditional house, you have to reckon with the fact that the period counted from the purchase of a plot of land, through dealing with the paperwork and finishing with the help of a construction team is at least a year. If, on the other hand, you deal with the construction (almost) on your own, this time will increase significantly.

For this smart tiny house ,you can have it even in a few weeks after accepting the project. The house on the trailer is built from prefabricated, ready-made modules, so the waiting time for the completion of the order usually does not take more than a month.

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4. Total cost of a year-round home

We won’t tell you the exact price of a tiny house, because trailer homes are personalized, designed according to your needs and requirements. However, one thing is certain – you will pay less for a move house than for more than one apartment of this size. So you don’t have to burden yourself with a high loan, which you will then pay back over several decades.

It is worth noting, by the way, that a house on wheels is also cheaper to maintain, the monthly cost of living is much lower.

5. Mobile home designs, move house device

A final advantage that not everyone realizes is that, on the one hand, a tiny house design can be fully customized, while on the other hand, a mobile home will fully reflect a traditional apartment with a smaller meterage. What does this mean? That you don’t have to give up a separate bedroom, living room, or comfortable bathroom. Tiny house is supposed to fully meet your housing needs, to be comfortable. And the square meter is not at all an obstacle here, because remember that it usually does not differ from the size of studios in large cities.